What Exactly Does “Think Wider” Mean?

Members of the Fahlgren Mortine Team Share Their Definitions

Think Wider.” It’s on our hooded sweatshirts, on our office walls and in our agency marketing materials.  Just the other day someone asked me what “Think Wider” meant.

As someone who lives and breathes integrated marketing each day, to me, “Think Wider” means working to solve marketing challenges through the development of big ideas and consistent messages that work across a variety of channels – paid, earned and owned. It’s about considering how messaging and positioning varies by audience, but it should also be cohesive enough to support the brand.

This also made me wonder how aligned our Fahlgren Mortine associates are in their interpretation of “Think Wider.” I wanted to know how their versions compared to mine. Ultimately, I hoped there would be some consistency, but also some variations in thinking.

When I asked several colleagues to define “Think Wider,” here’s what they said:

“It means thinking beyond what you have done – and what you may think can be done – to potentially tackle a marketing issue from an angle that you hadn’t considered before.”

“Thinking beyond what is right there in front of you on the page. Going beyond a simple checklist of tasks and really digging into the strategic web of collaboration. ‘Think Wider’ isn’t about just solving the challenges of the current market in front of us today, but also about anticipating what we might face in the future and how we can strategically approach an issue from all angles to help our clients realize the best results today and beyond.”

“’Think Wider’ is both an approach and philosophy at Fahlgren Mortine. Regardless of the project or prospect, we continually challenge ourselves and each other to go beyond the expected or even requested. What’s the real problem we’re tasked to solve, the real opportunity we have before us? Where’s the idea – big or breakthrough – that will ground us as we consider the possibilities? How can we leverage the amazing talent and capabilities that surround us at Fahlgren Mortine?”

“’Think Wider’” is all about pushing ourselves to be a little bit uncomfortable. It’s easy to do the same thing over and over again—the process is already established, baseline metrics are available, we know the client is comfortable with it. The easy thing though, is not always the right thing. Thinking wider pushes us to question everything we do—big and small. It asks us to challenge ourselves to not get comfortable with the status quo, to challenge our clients to try new things, and to challenge each other to be our best selves.”

Each definition is the same, yet a little different. And it’s because of these unique perspectives and our willingness to break down the discipline silos that exist in many agencies that we’re able to “Think Wider” for our clients. In today’s competitive economy, clients and agencies cannot afford to think any other way.

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