A Recipe for National Media Relations Success

One Newsworthy Story + a Healthy Dose of Tenacity

“How can you have national media relationships; you’re not in New York or DC? Who do you know at [The Wall Street Journal, Travel & Leisure, “The Today Show,” USA Today, Yahoo, The Associated Press]?”

If my colleagues and I had a dollar for every time we’ve been asked and answered these questions, we’d be rich. If you add a dollar for the results we produce, we may never have to work again.

Off the top of my head, here are just a few recent placements in national media outlets that feature our clients:

How does a Midwest-based agency place so many stories in such prominent national media outlets? Simply stated, our team is smart, strategic and tenacious. We recognize, develop and pitch stories that appeal to content producers.

With trust and respect at the core of our client relationships, we challenge clients from time to time to look at pitches from a perspective that will interest a writer or producer but still tell their story. Client trust empowers our team to tell the right story to media and not sugar-coat it behind marketing speak.

Proximity and the Pitch

Being a subway ride away from a journalist is great – and many of our staff members make frequent visits to the Big Apple or other major media markets to foster relationships or sell a story idea to a national media outlet. In fact, a mid-June media mission to NYC helped our client – the Boise CVB – garner interest from 14 journalists in visiting this gem of a city in the Intermountain West.

However, a well-crafted and timely pitch to a journalist whose beat and/or regular content is researched and understood can be effective as well. In just the past nine months, our media relations pros garnered placements that told a story about Savannah College of Art and Design students who helped create the opening animation for the NFL’s Big Game; gained exposure for the Myrtle Beach and Boise CVBs with tie-ins to the Fourth of July holiday; and showcased “The State of the Kid” report from Highlights magazine in an ideal venue – the mom blog for “The Today Show.” The list could go on. And it does.

Our talented team has a nose for news, and we don’t just sit and wait for an editor or producer to respond. We sell our stories and develop real relationships with top tier media … from offices in the Midwest and beyond.

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