Where Are My Ads?

The Importance and Value of Targeting

We hear it all the time, “In the past I always saw my ads but now I never do.  Is my campaign running? Why am I not seeing my ads?”  Do not worry, your campaign is running as planned and there is a very simple explanation for why you are not seeing your ads – you are not the target.  

We have come a long way from the days where advertisers could only reach consumers via three TV networks and print. Advertisers are able to target across dozens of vehicles, within specific content that is most popular with their target audience, no matter where that content lives. Advertisers can also target based on their audience’s media usage and mindset when consuming different types of media. All of these targeting techniques allow advertisers to reach the audience when their message will have the most impact. The positive results advertisers are seeing from targeting are causing them to invest more than ever in data-driven marketing efforts in order to more efficiently and effectively reach their target audience.

The ever evolving world of targeting continues to increase the ways an advertiser can target their message. For instance, companies are now targeting audiences on social media based on their TV ad schedules and testing ways to target TV ads by observing user behavior; similar to one of the ways advertisers are targeting online ads.  There is also an abundance of data available about a user’s internet browsing behavior along with information collected voluntarily from users which allows advertisers to target campaigns based on thousands of audience attributes. This opens up the opportunity for campaigns to be targeted so specifically that anyone outside of a target audience should not see that ad, and that’s a good thing. It means advertising budgets are being used more efficiently by only reaching the people advertisers want to reach and at a time that they are most likely to be receptive to a message.

Another area of targeting that is becoming increasingly more accurate is the ability to track audiences from device to device.  This method of targeting, when used in combination with an understanding of the mindset that the audience is in while using each device, can cause ads to become more relevant by targeting to a device where audiences will be most open to hearing the message.

Targeting capabilities are expanding at a rapid rate due to the demand from advertisers and the money they are willing to spend on good targeting information. This is because advertisers are learning that when they reach the right audience, in the right mindset, and with the right message, it will make an impact on them. Making a meaningful impression on an audience is going to lead to better campaign results. So the next time you wonder why you aren’t seeing your ads, just remember, it’s a good thing and it means you are getting the most out of your ad budget.

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