HBO Goes Where No Cable Network Has Gone Before

How will HBO's decision to offer access to non-cable subscribers via their over-the-top (OTT) devices change the cable landscape?

Cord cutters across the United States flocked to social media to rejoice last week when HBO’s chief executive Richard Plepler said, “It is time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO.” The next day CBS announced they will do the same when CBS President Leslie Moonves said, “CBS All Access is another key […]

Formula for Content Marketing Success

Develop a Strategy + Tell People + Write it Down = Strong Foundation for Success

As I continue to reflect on last month’s experience at Content Marketing World, planning for 2015 couldn’t come at a more perfect time. As I work with clients to put the finishing touches on 2015 plans, lessons learned at this year’s conference remain top of mind – most notably the importance of a quality, integrated […]

Oscar Award Winners and Advertising Masterminds in the Big Apple


Last week Fahlgren Mortine sent two members of its planning team to the 2014 IAB MIXX conference in New York City. The two-day conference is considered the digital centerpiece of Advertising Week. This year’s conference was based around a single core theme – “Digital’s Renaissance Moment”. The theme could not have been more timely or […]

A How-to for Hashtags

In the not-so-distant past, but a social media eon ago, the hashtag served a singular purpose on a singular social network. Twitter users could use the hashtag symbol (#) before any relevant keyword or phrase to categorize their Tweets and help them appear in a Twitter search. By clicking on any hashtagged word, Twitter users […]

What Corporate Marketers Can Learn from Hollywood

Find Out What Happens When Marketers Add Emotion and Suspense to Their Content Marketing

In conference rooms across the country, corporate marketers and their agency partners are struggling to develop plans and generate content that will drive results for their businesses. And very rarely do their internal clients in engineering, sales and management come to them and say, “What we need is more emotion and more suspense in our […]