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Five of our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

Our blog is where we reflect on common client questions and share surprising insights on the ever-changing marketing and communications landscape. Some of our most popular posts from 2014 are listed below. Check them out and be sure to check back often as we apply our ‘think wider’ approach to a variety of topics and categories.

Is there a topic you’d like us to cover in 2015? Let us know in the comments!

#1 – PR Takes on Content Marketing… and Wins!

Three Thoughts On The New Nielsen Study

A recent PR News email included this headline: “PR is 88 percent more effective than content marketing, says new Nielsen Study.” Read More

#2 – We Do Not Employ Graphic Designers

Graphic Design is Just One Part of the Job

I remember when I graduated college and landed my first graphic designer job. I felt so cool. Designer is one of those words that implies you’re an expert at something AND you look cool while doing it. Read More

#3 – The Next Chapter of Social Media Marketing

How Are Social Media Platforms Making It Necessary To Pay To Play?

Evolution is the name of the game for social networks, but the most recent changes seem to hint at more of a revolution. Read More

#4 – Twelve Weeks in the Agency World

Three Highlights From My Fahlgren Mortine Experience

Twelve short weeks ago, I graduated from The Ohio State University with 10,200 fellow Buckeyes. The very next morning, I found myself in a client engagement meeting at Fahlgren Mortine, excited to start my first full-time position as a corporate communications intern. Read More

#5 – New to Native 

The Basics to Understanding Native Advertising

What is native advertising?  Why should I use native advertising?  How can I make native advertising work for my brand? Read More

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