The ‘Soak It All In’ Moment

A Young PR Professional of the Year Finalist's Reflection of the PRWeek Awards

Everyone kept telling me to take a moment to myself. Just a moment where I could stop and realize that I was one of the top five young PR professionals in the country and soak in this entire experience. And I kept meaning to. But from the whirlwind of good luck notes from my incredibly thoughtful colleagues, to lunch with my fellow NYC travel companions at Grand Central Station, I realized while getting ready for the main event that I had not yet had my “soak it all in” moment.

It did hit me, however, when I was sitting at the awards ceremony surrounded by the most brilliant minds in the industry, seeing nomination after nomination for campaigns anyone would recognize. From the Always #LikeAGirl viral social media campaign to the overnight sensation that was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I realized I was in the big leagues. I sat there thinking, “wow, I used that hashtag, I shared that video, I believed in that cause.” I was in a ballroom filled with so many creative minds and passionate communicators – and I was a finalist among them. It hit me like a ton of bricks – my “soak it all in” moment.

When it was all said and done, my name wasn’t the one called for PRWeek Young Professional of the Year. But rather than feel disappointed or rejected, I felt motivated. More than anything, I exited that ballroom last night feeling more ready than ever to get back into the office and start brainstorming award-winning campaigns with the brilliant minds of Fahlgren Mortine.

Last night was something I will likely never forget. Not only because of the endless support I received and the memories made with colleagues but because of the way this experience changed me. An atmosphere such as the PRWeek Awards ignites a tenacious hunger in you to be better than yesterday and think wider than ever before. With this newfound passion, who knows what creative ideas, viral videos or thought-provoking campaigns we’ll come up with next.

One thing, though, is for certain: You haven’t seen the last of us, PRWeek – not even close.

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    4 thoughts on “The ‘Soak It All In’ Moment

    1. Caroline, what an incredibly moving and motivating post. It is no wonder why you are among one of the nation’s Young PR Professionals of the Year. And, you’re right, PRWeek hasn’t seen the last of you! Congratulations!

    2. Congratulations, Caroline! We’re honored and lucky that a professional of your caliber chooses to call Fahlgren Mortine home. Way to represent!

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