Multi-Tasking to Productivity

How to Manage Your Day to Get Your Job Done

I was recently asked what I like best about my job. My answer was simple… that I don’t know what it’s going to be each day! As marketing and communications professionals, we are confronted and challenged by a multitude of different client needs, deadlines and assignments throughout any give day. Layer on top of that numerous telephone calls, team meetings, urgent requests, new project assignments and staffing demands, and life in the agency can get a little hectic.

For me, I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I’ve found ways to thrive in this environment. Here are some tried and true ways I calm my days and maximize my productivity:

#1  Establish priorities and deadlines.

What’s the most important thing I have to get done today? This helps me focus on the most important items first. I still find satisfaction in the old-fashioned paper checklist, but some of my colleagues find success using online tools like Trello.

#2  Organize your time and assignments.

Am I prepared for tomorrow? I use Outlook to assign time in my calendar to make sure I have the time to accomplish what I need to get done. I color code things like in-person meetings and conference calls so I know what my day looks like at a glance.

#3  Implement project plans.

Am I on target to deliver this assignment? Working against deadlines, I mark key milestones in my calendar so I’m able to monitor my progress. This helps me ensure I deliver my assignments on time.

#4  Raise your hand early.

Who do I need on my team? What information do I need to do my job? With any new assignment, I try to assess the resource needs at the front end, so I’m not waiting on someone’s input or time on the back end.

What tips or tricks have you found to help you be productive? How do you manage your day?

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