Breaching the coveted integration circle

If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It.

Developing an integrated marketing and communication campaign can be a challenge. When we’re told to abandon our traditional mindset, many will not breach this inner circle where decisions take place and evolutionary thinking begins. In some instances, a segmented approach is more fitting to a client’s needs. But it is incredible to see the creative and innovative ideas that are unleashed when we break through the confines of structure.

You can read about my thoughts on the expansion toward integration in the May 2015 issue of O’Dwyer’s magazine.

The article discusses a few aspects of integrated campaigns, including:

  • Determining what is best for your client
  • Demonstrating integration through strategy
  • Focusing the budget
  • Adjusting your measurements

After reading, I encourage you to come back to our blog and share your own thoughts on breaching the integration circle.


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