Building International Relationships

A global agency sitting in the Midwest

Fahlgren Mortine is a global agency.

72 partners. 115 offices. 1,854 staff.

You may look at the agency page of the Fahlgren Mortine website and note that our company headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio. But, our location map does not do our capabilities justice. If you read further, you’ll find that Fahlgren Mortine is a leading partner in the IPREX Global Communications Network, an organization built on the leadership, expertise and strength of 72 independent owners.

Last week I had the privilege of attending the IPREX annual meeting in Germany to personally meet many of our international partners. Impressed by and engaged with the experience, I left #IPREXBerlin2015 with a new confidence, connection and sense of collaboration among this team. From Antoine Cardon in France to Luis Nieri in Peru, Ralf Weber in Germany to Michal Donath in the Czech Republic, I built friendships and lasting business relationships with almost 50 #IPREX partners, representing some of the world’s most influential thinkers in marketing and brand communications.

How do I know this network of partners is different? Because I lived in a “big agency” world. When I worked at a global agency and called our internal office in Brazil, I got a stranger on the other end of the line. A stranger who didn’t know me and didn’t necessarily care about the client opportunity I was sharing with him. He didn’t see a big impact on his office profit and loss statements, which were separate from mine.

With IPREX, one of the most basic principles is that network partners are free to choose from the global mix of expertise, talent and locations that best serve their clients’ needs. Our teams and our recommendations are based on what is right for the client— not on fulfilling a holding company’s quarterly financial goals. This makes a difference.

In a network composed of independent agencies, each partner is eager to deliver beyond a client and network partner’s expectations to make the relationship a success. The partners are there to learn from each other and globally share their best practices— it’s the foundation of the network. (In fact, some of this blog post came from sharing language, direction and thinking among partner firms!)

Fahlgren Mortine has invested to send our team to locations such as Berlin, Shanghai and Paris, because building personal international relationships has a positive effect on the success of our global interactions. Establishing international relationships through face-to-face interaction is a game-changer when working across the globe.

So, if you have international work, let Fahlgren Mortine help. We’re happy to call on our IPREX colleagues and friends. Tschüss!

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