Intern Life at Fahlgren Mortine

Our Summer in the Real World of Marketing and Communications

By Anna Crabill & Kristen Tomins

Working as an intern at Fahlgren Mortine is unlike anything either of us has ever experienced. Going into this internship, both of us were extremely intimidated at the thought of working in an agency. Because Fahlgren Mortine has a structured internship program, we’re getting real-world experience. You’re not treated like an intern – you’re treated like an employee. We’ve worked on multiple projects with actual clients and we can’t say there has been a time where we’ve felt like what we were doing wasn’t important. Working at Fahlgren Mortine has been the best, most valuable work experience we’ve had in our college career.

#AgencyLife vs. In-House Life

Before coming to Fahlgren Mortine, we’d held internships at different types of in-house settings. They all were great experiences, but we were both looking for a more fast-paced environment. At Fahlgren Mortine, there is constant work to be done. And, the accounts that we work on could not be more diverse. Because of the rapid pace of agency work, we’ve learned to juggle many different projects at one time. Working in an in-house setting has its perks, though. We felt like we got to know the organization extremely well. It’s nice being an “expert” at something, but since coming to Fahlgren Mortine, we’ve learned something new every day.

Favorite Aspect of Fahlgren Mortine

The best aspects of Fahlgren Mortine have been the variety of people, clients, work and, of course, the culture. Fahlgren Mortine is a fun, quirky agency and we look forward to coming to work every day. Coming into Fahlgren Mortine, there were some projects that were unexpected, like attending a press conference at the Ohio Statehouse for a non-profit client and researching tween YouTube celebrities that resulted in an extremely successful client campaign. We were able to start projects from the beginning and see them to completion during our 12-week internship because of the pace at which everything moves.

What We Didn’t Expect

We didn’t expect to do “real” PR work, as ridiculous as that may sound. We heard horror stories of internships that are all busy work. But, at Fahlgren Mortine, we were surprised at the amount of responsibility we were given from the start.

When you first begin as an intern, you receive letters from past interns telling you what they learned along the way. As we read the letters, we never would have imagined that a company would give an intern such responsibilities. Many people are hesitant to trust interns, especially if they’ve never had agency experience, but based on the projects we’ve been given and the feedback we’ve received, we’ve never felt like what we were doing was just busy work. As interns, we appreciate that amount of responsibility, especially in our first agency setting. Because of that, our portfolios have new material to showcase the hard work we’ve done this summer.

Influence on Career Path

Kristen: Working at Fahlgren Mortine has only reaffirmed my desire to work in an agency after graduating next spring. Working somewhere where I am constantly learning and have so many different projects sounds like an ideal job to me. I have learned so much about so many different aspects of PR, from B2B marketing to blogger influencer campaigns, as well as how to manage my time effectively and keep up with the pace of different projects. Interning at Fahlgren Mortine has been an invaluable experience that I can honestly say I’ve been excited about from the time I accepted the position. I leave in August to begin my last year at Bowling Green State University, and I know the knowledge I’ve gained will be useful in any setting, whether it’s in my final classes or first post-grad job.

Anna: When I started thinking about internships, I knew I wanted to hit certain areas to find what I wanted to do most. I wanted to intern at an agency because I knew I’d have something new to do every day for multiple clients. After working at Fahlgren Mortine, I want to work at an agency more than ever. Every day is a new day, and I’m never bored. I look forward to work and I’m excited for the new projects I’ll get to work on. I’m sad to be leaving such an amazing internship, but excited to head back to Bowling Green State University to finish my degree and jumpstart my career.

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