You Can’t Go Wrong When You Write

The Timeless, Tasteful Thank You Note

This morning I, along with several colleagues, had the opportunity to give our summer interns advice and ideas about interviewing and full-time jobs after graduation. Yes, I graduated when the classifieds in the newspaper were still the best way to quickly find out about open positions. I’ll leave it to you to determine how long ago that was.

A lot has changed since then – tools like email and LinkedIn make it faster and easier to connect. There is, however, one tried and true communication tool that I used in my job search back then that can still be very effective today. Taking the time to hand write a thank you note shows that you’ve taken a few minutes in today’s digital, always on world to show your appreciation.

Here a few tips when thinking about thank you notes:

  • Choose a design that reflects your personality. Be creative and find something cool on Etsy, design and print your own on Vistaprint, visit your local stationery store or pick some up on your next trip to Target. Don’t be too crazy, though. You still want to be professional.
  • Be sincere. Mention something positive that you took away from your interview.
  • Don’t wait too long to send it. I think it’s best to write and mail your thank you note within 24 hours of your interview.
  • Make sure you spell the recipient’s name correctly. If you didn’t get a business card, check LinkedIn, the company’s website or call the receptionist for the correct spelling. Why? For example, we have a Chrystie and a Christy, as well as a Kristin, Kristan and Kristen. No one likes to see his or her name spelled incorrectly and it’s unprofessional not to confirm spelling.
  • If you talked to multiple people, don’t make every thank you note the same. Personalize them just like you personalize the conversations you have face-to-face.
  • Say what you wish you would’ve said in the interview. This is an opportunity to add anything about yourself that helps differentiate you from other candidates.
  • Proofread! Just like any other document, double-check what you write or have a second set of eyeballs review it.
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    2 thoughts on “You Can’t Go Wrong When You Write

    1. Great blog post, Amy! Agree that in this day and age, email is very convenient, but a hand-written note is a nice personal touch, especially when someone goes out of his or her way to personalize it.

    2. I do not agree a thank you note is necessary or mandated. It does not have an impact on who I consider or hire for positions. Saying thank you after the interview is sufficient to show appreciation. Thank you notes and cards I receive go in the recycle bin and are forgotten.

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