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Fahlgren Mortine Heads to Content Marketing World

Back to school — the time of the year where kids grab their backpacks, file back into the classrooms and start a new year of learning. But they aren’t the only ones expanding their knowledge this fall.

This week, six members of our content marketing team are attending Content Marketing World 2015, a four-day conference featuring seminars, workshops and industry labs. Not only will associates be attending the conference, but this year, Fahlgren Mortine is also a sponsor of the Education Industry Lab. Keep an eye on our blog for posts from the event and on our takeaways following the conference.

But until then, prepare for the conference by catching up on our content marketing blog series. For the past few weeks, we have been releasing posts on all aspects of content marketing. Now that we’ve reached its completion, we’re giving you another chance to check out anything you may have missed and study up for Content Marketing World 2015. Although you may not be going back to school, you never know when you’ll have to pull these useful tools out of your back pocket.


The Savior of Marketing

We began our blog series by giving an introduction to content marketing and why it might just be worth all of the hype.


Let’s Talk Native

Native advertising can be a great tactic, but what does a native ad look like? Our team lays out the six types of native content and their best practices.


Visual Storytelling: Remedy for a Short Attention Span

With humans’ decreasing attention span, visual storytelling is more important than ever. Check out our post discussing the topic, complete with some great examples.


7 Ways You Can Plan Today for Content Marketing Success

The best time to begin your content marketing plan is now! Our team lists seven tips to jump-start the content marketing planning process.


Navigating Content Marketing Technology

With all of the new content marketing technologies, it is hard to determine where to start. Here is our rundown of some tools that can help plan, produce, distribute and measure content.


Are We There Yet?

How can you tell if your content marketing efforts are effective? We list the five categories for setting goals and establishing your metrics framework.


Binge Watching is the New Normal

Brands can learn a lot from binge watching TV. Our storytelling team gives insight on how to enhance brand storytelling.


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