Quarterly Update: Neil Mortine and Christine Turner Talk Culture

Part II: Neil Mortine Interviews Christine Turner


Workplace culture is highly valued at Fahlgren Mortine and Turner PR. In Part II of this quarter’s Q&A series, Christine Turner shares her thoughts about the importance of culture. Neil Mortine’s opinions on the same topic were captured in an earlier post.

Neil: Many of the folks at Turner are hired for their passion for the industries you serve. How do those shared passions among your people affect the Turner culture?

Chris: I believe these shared passions for the industries we serve define the Turner culture. Our love of travel, adventure and active lifestyles is what brings us together at Turner; we live the lifestyles we represent and gain energy and collaboration from one another from this foundation. It’s the people at Turner that make our culture what it is. And while we share goals and visions for the global clients we serve, we take pride in each other’s definition of adventure and lifestyle. For some of us, this is cycling races, black diamond ski weekends and around the world treks; and for the rest of us, this is a trip to the local farmer’s market, a craft beer tasting, or diving into the latest literary obsession at a nearby park.

Neil: Fahlgren Mortine and Turner both have teams serving clients from multiple offices. How do you ensure there are common cultures among your employees?

Chris: Even though we operate from multiple offices, we strive to maintain an open culture with collaborative work environments. We place tremendous value on the fact that everyone at our firm has great ideas. Our offices are designed without walls, and we encourage interactions where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. We host weekly and monthly meetings and share information across teams to inspire thought leadership and big ideas. There is also a lot of integration and travel that takes place between offices.

Neil: You’ve done some fun, innovative things with your team over the years to help solidify relationships and impact culture. What stands out most and why?

Chris: We’ve executed several fun team building activities such as city-wide scavenger hunts, cocktail making contests, the “Turner Olympic Games” of hula hoop, and corn hole and beer pong contests. In New York, we like to take our team out of the city for meetings with fresh air and open space, or head out for a night of karaoke (where you may find that a few of our team members are good enough to win NBC’s “The Voice”).

One notable event was after Hurricane Sandy, we adopted a single mother and son who lost everything in the storm. After getting to know them personally and their needs, our firm, and every individual in our firm, donated household goods ranging from a toaster, blender, linens and furniture to books and toys. Our New York team was able to personally deliver the carload of goods to the mother and son. Tears all around, it was an amazing day. That same year in Denver, we connected with a single mom who recently left an abusive relationship and was suddenly raising three children – including one with extreme special needs – on her own. When we first asked them for a list from “Santa,” the kids asked for items such as toothpaste. Our team, as well as friends and family, chipped in to ensure that the family not only received some of the basics they desperately needed, but also new clothes, winter coats, books, toys and games for the children. More tears. This is what it’s all about.

Neil: What fun team events are planned for Turner this summer?

Chris: We’re planning open house events in our Denver and New York offices since we moved six months ago in Denver and we’re moving to a larger office this summer in New York. We’re also going to a Rockies game, looking at a team volunteer day, and as always, we will make great use of our Kegerator through regular happy hours.


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