One Size Does Not Fit All

Identifying the Right Content for Social Media

I had my growth spurt when I was in the eighth grade. It’s called being a late bloomer. So I spent most of my youth as a small, skinny kid. I remember going to a basketball camp in grade school and they handed out our uniforms for the week. The tag said, “one size fits all” but it draped over me like a king-size bed sheet. Mom said I would grow into it but I knew that day, one size does not fit all. And it’s true for social media, too.

Think about the big three: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While they’re vastly different from a user standpoint, brands tend to treat them the same and often have a lack of instinct when it comes to the right type of content to share on the right channel. Here’s a quick guide and some tips for CPG and retail brands:


  • Twitter’s like a cocktail party. The funniest and most engaging person will draw the biggest crowd. But the guy who talks about himself constantly will be left standing alone.

Tip: Use trending hashtags and right-time content to stay relevant. And try to deliver the brand message in an entertaining package. Think of Twitter more like a Trojan horse approach.


  • Facebook’s closer to a high school reunion. I say that in part because many of my friends on the platform are from high school. Also, the average Facebook user has about 338 friends. So it’s a like a big gymnasium full of your “friends” and often times you’re trying to show the success of your life.

Tip: Facebook is now a fully pay-to-play platform. The last time I was with Facebook they said to create 8-10 posts per month and put paid behind all of them. Keep in mind these were Facebook employees, so of course they pushed paid. 


  • Instagram is kind of like coffee with a friend. It’s the most interesting, intimate moments.

Tip: Push out no more than one Instagram post a day. And make sure it’s a singular image, beautifully shot (ideally from a mobile device). Food, pets and landscapes make up most of my feed. So play in those three to get traction. Also, now that Facebook owns Instagram look for this channel to become a “pay-to-reach” environment soon.

No matter the channel, stop and ask yourself, “How would I act on my personal account?” You wouldn’t post a five-minute-long video on Facebook. Or post a meme on Instagram. And you wouldn’t tell people about your latest workout achievements on Twitter.

Because when it comes down to it, one size does not fit all on social—and when it comes to peewee basketball uniforms.


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