Getting on Board With Bitmojis

They're Not Just for Millennials Anymore

A few weeks ago, my college-age daughters told me my text messages were boring. They told me I needed a Bitmoji keyboard on my iPhone.

I asked, “What is a Bitmoji keyboard and why do I need it?”

They said, “Do you not know that super model Miranda Kerr and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced their engagement with Bitmojis on Instagram?”


So maybe I’m just slow to this game. Once I learned what a Bitmoji was, I downloaded the app. I delighted in designing my personal avatar and now I am embarrassingly obsessed with using my avatar to communicate. My close friends on the receiving ends of my texts will attest to this (as will one unnamed client).

So if you’re far from being a millennial like I am and wonder what a bitmoji is, you’re not alone. A bitmoji is your own personal emoji. So what is an emoji?

It’s a small digital image or icon that is used to express an idea or emotion. Think of a smiley face as an emoji. A bitmoji is personalized to look like you.

Bitmoji is an app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play. You create your likeness and are given a multitude of options for face shape, eyebrows, skin color, hair style and even clothes.

You can choose a Ghostbusters get up, or maybe something from Batman vs. Superman. Maybe you want to be more stylish with a Steve Madden ensemble or fashionable with a dress from Bergdorf Goodman Your selections then become your likeness – your digital identity, so to speak – and are included in custom images that you can share in text and across social platforms.

Snapchat, which just acquired Bitstrips, the parent company of Bitmojis, now allows users to use Bitmojis in chat or on snaps. While this is awesome for Snapchat users, I personally am not there yet. I’m still getting used to my animated likeness and trying on costumes like this cool one from the Batman vs. Superman movie. So go create your own Bitmoji and if you’re so inclined, share it in the Comments section of this post so we can check it out!


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