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What's in Trending for 2017

2016 has been another big year for social marketers, with lots of changes. We saw the growth of Snapchat, and the demise of Vine. Facebook Live became available for the masses and shopping came to Instagram. Twitter announced an update to its character count limit, and Instagram became more like Snapchat.

With all those changes, what’s next? We asked the Fahlgren Mortine social marketing team what they saw as being big for social media in 2017; here’s what some of them shared:

“Producing interactive, engaging content will become more widespread as the technology that allows this continues to grow. Live streaming, self-populating infographics, interactive video and especially Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence programs (ushered in by the popularity of Pokémon Go) will become more prevalent in 2017. Brands in all types of industries will need to consider new ways to break through the clutter as these assets become more widespread.”

– Melissa Carney, Account Director


“I expect to see more third-party measurement tools being used to track metrics across all platforms. This can help marketers make sure our reporting and metrics are consistent, as well as verifiable and accurate. We know this a hot topic considering Facebook’s inflated video views discovered this year.”

– Megan Emerick, Media Connections Supervisor


“Having a well-developed channel strategy is going to be even more important in 2017. The way people are using channels and the way they expect content to be delivered via each channel continues to shift drastically, and businesses and our clients are going to need to (re)evaluate which channels their audiences are using and how to best serve them the right content in the right spaces.”

– Michelle Hardgrove, Senior Account Executive


“Because visuals are processed much quicker by the brain, I think we are going to see the importance of using compelling visuals continue to increase. With that, now that social media channels have upgraded their video capabilities, I think we will see a lot more video content.”

– Debbie Orth, Senior Art Director


Reaching the emotions of consumers and individualizing content to their personal experiences is no longer a nice way to communicate; it’s a necessary means of communicating. Expect to see more direct storytelling campaigns that hit hard on issues and connect with the consumer from an emotional perspective (like Always’ “Like a Girl” campaign or the TOMS VR experience). Brands that jump on this bandwagon will be perceived as more authentic partners rather than “product pushers.” Of course, the more visual the storytelling, the better.

– Cari Wildasinn, Account Supervisor 


“In 2017, I believe that online influencer marketing will remain a key element for communications programs, and that the community of influencers will also continue to grow. Marketers may shift their focus to more ‘micro-influencers’ to reach niche audiences, and our clients will put a greater emphasis on incorporating metrics that align with overall objectives to their influencer campaigns – including website analytics and sales data.”

– Katie Wilson, Senior Account Executive


What trend are you most excited about for social media in 2017? Are there any new developments you think will have the most potential?


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    One thought on “Keeping up With Social Media

    1. I agree that influencer marketing will continue to be important in 2017. As more brands realize the importance of friends’ and families’ recommendations when it comes to endorsements and referrals, they’ll come to see a person’s favorite blogger – large or small followings – harness power when it comes to buying decisions.

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