Study This: Market Research Is Having a Moment

Conducting Research With Hard-to-Reach Groups

Market research is experiencing a radical transformation in which traditional assumptions about approaching and fielding proprietary studies are nearly obsolete. Now that nearly all of us are tech-enabled, connected and tech-dependent, data collection happens all the time, all around us. Some of us routinely and automatically express our sentiment via social media and comment communities. […]

Playing the Trump Card

How much power over brands do consumers yield? At the moment, Macy’s is facing a stand-off with up to a half million credit card holders. At issue? Donald Trump. The long-established licensing and merchandising arrangement between the retailer and the mogul is being called off-brand to “The Magic of Macy*s,” with The Donald himself cited […]

Much better together

How we all got behind our new brand Within 72 hours after the world swooned over Princess Katherine’s wedding dress, and within a few hours after the release of the now iconic photo from the President’s Situation Room, a bunch of us decided to lock ourselves up in a room together for two nights running […]