Transparency in Social Analytics

Understanding Impressions, Reach, User Engagement and More

As social marketing becomes increasingly data-driven, the task of providing definition and substance to a practice bursting with jargon presents an ongoing challenge for all marketing professionals. Although there are differing opinions on how to quantify the value of social, the process can only begin with a sound understanding of the elements that could make […]

Social Analytics 101

Measuring What Matters

What is the value of a Facebook like? A Twitter mention? A repinned image on Pinterest? These are the existential social media questions of our time, and ones that all marketers are struggling to answer. Over the past decade, social media has changed the way many people think about marketing and communications. Now entering maturity, […]

The Impact of Search on Brand Marketing

Uncovering The Benefits of Paid Search

Consider the search query: a fragment of a thought, the most general of ideas, a question to be answered. Search is the initial point of reference for accessing information, and it is present across a variety of devices – smartphones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets. The discovery process usually begins with a single search query.