Don’t Just be an Account Manager – Be a CIO

Integration is key to PR success. During the past few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that being a successful account manager is largely dependent on being a CIO – a chief integration officer. In my eyes, successful integration translates into happy clients, solid results and growing budgets. As the public relations industry continues to […]

The Changing Face of Video Communications

The changing face of video communications I got my start in tech marketing as a writer. Over the years, I’ve written brochures, Web sites, ads, feature articles, newsletters, white papers and case studies for a host of B2B and tech clients. And, with every one of those projects I have asked myself, and was occasionally […]

Outfront of the 2008 Upfront

A few of the Fahlgren media darlings just returned to Ohio from a trip to Detroit for the 2008 Upfront Week, a time for networks to share sneak peeks of their upcoming programming schedules with advertisers This year’s crop of pilots was a bit limited due the writer’s strike, but there are some likely hits […]

Who is Fahlgren?

By John Stertz, Fahlgren Executive Creative Director Periodically I get asked this question. Usually when it’s time for a new business proposal or a website update. I’ve been getting asked for my point of view on this subject since July 1987. I still struggle for an adequate answer every time. I’ve never been able to […]