Don’t Just be an Account Manager – Be a CIO

Integration is key to PR success. During the past few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that being a successful account manager is largely dependent on being a CIO – a chief integration officer. In my eyes, successful integration translates into happy clients, solid results and growing budgets. As the public relations industry continues to […]

The Changing Face of Video Communications

The changing face of video communications I got my start in tech marketing as a writer. Over the years, I’ve written brochures, Web sites, ads, feature articles, newsletters, white papers and case studies for a host of B2B and tech clients. And, with every one of those projects I have asked myself, and was occasionally […]

Outfront of the 2008 Upfront

A few of the Fahlgren media darlings just returned to Ohio from a trip to Detroit for the 2008 Upfront Week, a time for networks to share sneak peeks of their upcoming programming schedules with advertisers This year’s crop of pilots was a bit limited due the writer’s strike, but there are some likely hits […]

Why doesn’t “good taste” taste better?

The litmus test for quality advertising, marketing and public relations. Maybe my meds just haven’t kicked in yet today, but it seems to me that Americans get dumber and meaner every day. I used to blame TV network programmers, record company executives, publishers and advertising executives for this phenomenon. Not because I believed any of […]