Never Let Go

Simple Tips to Re-Engage With Prospects

As direct marketers, we work hard to build and curate the contacts in our database and segmented lists are among our most treasured assets. We cultivate and nurture them. We work to understand what it is that will resonate with each of them as individuals. And we try to provide relevant content that inspires them to […]

What Corporate Marketers Can Learn from Hollywood

Find Out What Happens When Marketers Add Emotion and Suspense to Their Content Marketing

In conference rooms across the country, corporate marketers and their agency partners are struggling to develop plans and generate content that will drive results for their businesses. And very rarely do their internal clients in engineering, sales and management come to them and say, “What we need is more emotion and more suspense in our […]

Content Marketing World 2014: Dickens Would Be Proud

Event Showcases Maturity and Complexity of Content Marketing

Two intense days of high-energy keynotes and well-researched and presented breakouts can leave your head swimming. So much to process, so much to learn. That’s the feeling the five members of the Fahlgren Mortine team had after experiencing Content Marketing World 2014 earlier this week. The event organizers at the Content Marketing Institute continue to […]

Are Viral Videos an Art or a Science?

Four Best Practices For Creating Compelling Video Content

Since 2005 when the first YouTube clip, a short SNL skit, went viral and collected more than five million views, marketers have been trying to identify the formula to recreate similar serendipitous moments for their brands. And now, after nearly 10 years of wrestling with this subject, I’d like to think we’re all a little […]