Look the Other Way

Five Tips for Customer-Centric Marketing

Upon reflection of the year in B2B marketing: 2016 version, it seems too many marketers have their backs turned toward their customers and prospects. Corporate marketing and communications teams are so focused on internal initiatives and processes that they’re missing opportunities based on prospects’ interests and actions. It’s time to start looking at the world […]

The Power Shift

Succeeding in down economic times requires a renewed focus on creating an exceptional customer experience. While marketing budgets may be squeezed or trimmed, now is the ideal time to enhance the brand experience for current customers.

Want My Business? Make It Worth My Effort

I was meeting with Gary Ansel, MD, an interventional cardiologist at Riverside Methodist Hospital, the other morning and we ended up talking about patient experiences with hospitals. The conversation turned toward how the experience can make or break a patient’s perception, regardless of how good the clinical care is. And he’s right. He routinely asks […]