Marketing Higher Education to Hispanics

It's About Cultural Insights More Than Language

As 1,300 higher education marketers settled in for the opening keynote at the American Marketing Association Symposium for Higher Education Marketing in Chicago last month, I expected the keynote speech to be focused on one of the hot industry topics such as rising tuition, affordability and value of a higher education degree, the best way […]

Win the Attention of Today’s Connected Teen

Social Media Tips for Higher Education Marketers

Today’s teens are immersed in the digital space using mobile devices and laptops to access information, conduct research and find entertainment. Smartphones are extensions of their arms and they use them to manage every aspect of their lives. It’s probably no surprise to anyone that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are their preferred channels. So how […]

The death of cursive

Changes in elementary schools’ curriculum a sad, yet sensible sight to an art director Have you heard all of the hoopla about cursive in the news? Apparently schools across the country are deciding to do away with the classic script handwriting. Other schools are just reducing the amount of time and emphasis placed on cursive instruction. […]

Lessons from the Client Side

What agencies can learn from the world of healthcare Before I joined Fahlgren (seven years ago this month), I spent my entire career working for hospitals and health systems. For some in the agency world, hiring a person with no agency experience is out of the question. But now that I’ve been on “the dark […]