Someone Said “Get Involved.” Now What?

How to Join Young Professional Organizations to Promote your Career, Company and Clients

A few years ago if someone said I should “get involved” I would have immediately imagined awkwardly shuffling around a room of strangers and making dreaded small talk. Worse, they might have called it “networking.” Why do I need to get involved? I work hard, have an active social life and I volunteer. I didn’t […]

Study This: Market Research Is Having a Moment

Conducting Research With Hard-to-Reach Groups

Market research is experiencing a radical transformation in which traditional assumptions about approaching and fielding proprietary studies are nearly obsolete. Now that nearly all of us are tech-enabled, connected and tech-dependent, data collection happens all the time, all around us. Some of us routinely and automatically express our sentiment via social media and comment communities. […]

Confessions of a summer intern

The scoop on being a public relations pro Fahlgren Mortine is a special place. I don’t mean to sound like the mushy, sentimental intern, but I’m grateful for the short 12 weeks I’ve spent in the Cleveland office. I’ve grown as a young public relations professional and learned valuable lessons that I’ll carry with me […]

Calculating ROI in PR Starts with Research

Organizations can’t afford to skip it. There was a nice article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal where columnist Carl Bialik dove into measuring the value of media coverage. Fortunately, Carl’s article supports the conclusions that ad equivalencies (AVE) and a multiplier effect on standard circulation are unimportant numbers in our business. Contrary to the […]