Consider the Possibilities

Republican Convention in Cleveland Offers Variety of Marketing Opportunities

In less than five months, Cleveland will take the world stage as host of the Republican National Convention (RNC). Whether your politics are red, blue or some shade in between, it’s important to understand the magnitude of the event coming to Ohio July 18 – 21: 50,000 delegates, media representatives, business leaders, politicians and celebrities $400 […]

Visual Storytelling Trends in 2016

What's New or the Same?

The New Year brings resolutions, predictions and a desire to explore everything new. Visual storytelling remains new and old in the marketing and communications mix, claiming center stage as the “next big thing” in every communication-related field, from content marketing and graphic design to data journalism and digital media. Visual storytelling dates back to the […]

Teen Influencers in 2016

Pivoting Toward Maturity and Effectiveness

When we were Teens, nobody but NOBODY could get through to us. Eat this. Wear that. Shouldn’t you be STUDYING? You should be friends with him and NOT with her. All those judgmental opinions thrown at us like 95-mph fastballs, one after another. They were positioned as “helpful suggestions” on how to properly live our […]