Yes, And…

Four Ways the Principles of Improv Can Help You Develop Award-Winning Communications Programs

Improv is most commonly thought of as a comedy incubator, the starting point for future great comic stars like Tina Fey, Will Ferrell and Keegan Michael Key. But the principles of improv are also being adopted for business training and I believe that some of the best aspects of improv like being flexible, really listening […]

Staying Ahead of the Social Media Curve

It’s not just best practices, it’s next practices I spent last Thursday at the 2011 Midwest Social Media Summit, where I listened to a number of social media strategists and thought leaders. I came ready to learn, and quickly became energized by the creative ideas and general Internet marketing energy in the room.

The Thought Leadership Challenge

In search of the perfect acronym. I just finished listening to Buzz Marketing for Technology’s podcast interview with Bob Buday, co-founder of the Bloom Group and co-author of the book, Thoughts on Thought Leadership-Insights on Creating Demand for Professional Services. In the podcast, Buday does a nice job speaking about the different levels of writing […]